When Carol White and her son discovered a sinkhole in the front yard of her Tarpon Springs, FL home, they knew something needed to be done immediately. They hired LRE Foundation Repair, an experienced sinkhole repair company from Brooksville with hopes of being able to stabilize the soil and return to their home.

Tampa Bay's 10 News spoke with Vinnie Menzo of LRE about the damage and the growing occurance of sinkholes in the area. Menzo says that while White's property will likely be able to be repaired, he has seen many cases where homeowners are never able to return to their homes, because the entire house has been swallowed by the sinkhole.

No matter how rare sinkholes might be, it's better to be safe than sorry. A professional sinkhole repair contractor can inspect all signs of a sinkhole and determine if remediation is necessary.


Tarpon Springs homeowner hires an expert after discovering sinkhole in yard

LRE Foundation Repair provides residential and commercial foundation repair, as well as sinkhole repair in Tarpon Springs and areas throughout Florida. They also offer emergency sinkhole solutions. Contact the sinkhole specialists today to schedule a free estimate.