StableFill™ Cellular Concrete is a lightweight material made by replacing the aggregate used in standard concrete with uniform air cells (voids).

These air cells are created by blending foaming agents into the concrete during the mixing process, and can be managed to produce an engineered geotechnical material.

Its density can be varied from 20 to 120 lbs. per cubic foot, and its compressive strength from 20 to 3000 psi.

Geotechnical applications include load-reducing fill, backfill for tunnels and retaining walls, annular grouting for tunnels, fill for bridge approaches, and fill for sinkholes and abandoned underground tanks, pipelines and mines.

StableFill can be produced in both a pervious and non-pervious blend.

  • StableFill Non-Pervious - a lightweight concrete that can be used for replacement of unstable soils, density controlled load relief, void fills, behind retaining walls and abandonments, and similar Geotechnical applications.
  • StableFill Pervious - a synthetic foaming agent which, when added to engineered cement slurry, enables the production of pervious cellular lightweight concrete. This permeable, open-celled, low-density concrete is able to stabilize soil without disturbing or redirecting natural water flow.

StableFill Pervious provides proven geotechnical solutions for applications requiring drainage capacities exceeding those obtainable from compacted soil or controlled low strength material.

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