Slab Before Underpinning:


Slab After Underpinning:


Push Piers

Push Piers are utilized due to various circumstances that may require a structure to be re-leveled or re-supposrted; such as sinkhole activity, buried organics, muck, clay shrinking, plumbing problems, ect.

Helical Piers

Helical Pier Systems can be utilized for existing structures and new construction projects. A Helical Pier System will stabilize your foundation and provide the opportunity to lift the structure back to its originial state. The rugged steel helicals are mechanically screwed into the soil using specific equipment based on the size and scale of the project.

Injection Piers

Injection Piers are underpins that have several 1 1/2" openings in the steel casing. The perforated pipe allows LRE to pump grout through the casing to permeate the soil surrounding each pier. That gives the underpins more stability and enables LRE to compress and compact soil around the piers.