Florida has been in the center of a media frenzy recently as a 60-foot-wide sinkhole collapsed under a Clermont resort on Sunday. Luckily nobody was injured at the Summer Bay Resort, which lies just 10 minutes outside of Walt Disney World; but the sinkhole serves as a reminder to the growing sinkhole problem in Central Florida. The building which is home to 24 three-story units was reportedly a total loss.

Bay News 9 interviewed Jim Flynn of LRE Foundation Repair as an expert in the field of foundation/sinkhole repairs in Florida. They spoke with him about the sinkhole in Clermont, as well as the problem as a whole.

Flynn called the sinkholes "alarming" and says the Clermont sinkhole and the one in February in Seffner, which claimed the life of Jeff Bush, were what is known as catastrophic cover collapse; and while although rare, can be dangerous and even deadly. Flynn attributes the state's sinkhole problem to issues with the limestone.

Following the sinkhole in Clermont, it was announced that a $1.1 million federal grant would be issued to allow for a three-year study to be conducted to determine the vulnerability of counties for developing sinkholes. A one-year pilot study will be conducted in Hamilton, Columbia and Suwannee counties.

Flynn says it's important that residents be educated about the signs of sinkholes; the federal grant will help to increase awareness of the growing problem and paint a picture of exactly where the greatest risks of sinkhole formation are.

Signs of a possible sinkhole problem include wall and floor cracks, doors that are difficult to open and close, and low spots in the soil. Residents should call their insurance company right away if they suspect they might have a problem, and the insurance company will then send out a geotechnical engineer to test the soil and a repair company, like LRE Foundation Repair, can then stabilize the soil.

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