LRE Commercial (LRE), was contracted by Kauffman Construction to perform stabilization work at this property. The retaining wall, in close- proximity to the home’s foundation, was failing. Universal Engineering Sciences (UES) was retained to develop a repair plan. Retrofit helical piers installed previously to support the retaining wall (contractor unknown) were failing. The retaining wall’s foundation was redesigned and LRE coordinated efforts with Kauffman Construction to carry out the installation of FSI HP288 New Construction Helical Piers. In addition, the home’s foundation along that wall needed to be underpinned due to the retaining wall work being so close and to protect against any possible slope failure.


Universal Engineering recommended the use of helical piers to support the new retaining wall. Prior to the excavation of the retaining wall foundation, LRE installed (10) Galvanized FSI HP288 Retrofit Helical Piers to support the home during excavation and work on the new wall. After the excavation was completed, LRE returned to install (24) Galvanized FSI HP288 New Construction Helical Piers to support & secure the new retaining wall to be constructed. LRE used the torque correlation method of installation to achieve the ultimate capacities recommended by UES to support the existing and new structures. Minimum installation pressure of 700 PSI was required for the loading.

Project Summary

Engineer: Universal Engineering Sciences

General Contractor: Kauffman Construction

Certified Pier Installed: LRE Commercial

Products Installed:(24) FSI HP288 10”/12” New Construction Helical Piers (10) FSI HP288 10”/12” Retrofit Helical Piers Installation Depths - 20 feet bls. (average)

Original retaining wall

New Helical Piers Installed

Piers installed - existing foundation