LRE Foundation Repair was contacted by a homeowner in Crystal River worried about the stability of their home. The floors inside the home were beginning to sag, creating noticeable gaps between the floors and baseboards around the house.


One of LRE’s trained design specialists visited the home in Crystal River to conduct a full inspection at no cost to the homeowner. LRE’s design Specialist determined the house had sunken over time because the was too heavy to rest on the unstable soil below. The design specialist recommended Smart Jacks would need to be installed underneath the home to reduce pressure on existing soils, to provide support and stability for the whole home.  

LRE’s specially trained field technicians worked underneath the home to install 14 Smart Jacks to permanently stabilize the home. LRE's production team also used the Smart Jacks in the crawlspace to close the gaps between the floors and baseboards around the house, addressing the reason the homeowner called in the first place. 

Installed SmartJack system