Crawl space support posts

Do the floors above your crawl space sag, squeak, or bounce when you walk normally on them? It's a common problem, but if left unattended, your home may suffer serious structural damage. Also, unstable floors are unsafe. LRE Foundation Repair, Inc. serves Orlando, Tampa, Saint Petersburg and areas nearby. We are Tampa crawl space repair contractors and experts in solving structural problems in your home. We offer free inspections to determine the cause and extent of your crawl space problem.

Often, our inspection will reveal one of three things:

  1. The floor joists of your home are too small to support weight over the distance they span. Over the years, the joists begin to sag and become bouncy, because they just don't have the "muscle" to handle all the weight we put on our floors.
  2. Sometimes our Tampa crawl space repair contractors will discover the crawl space is missing a mid-span support. Floor joists are usually supported by foundation walls and by a central beam. If that beam is missing, you get saggy, bouncy floors.
  3. A lot of the time the problem is not the joists themselves but that the joists are improperly supported. Masonry piers that support your floor joists sometimes sink. Wood support posts can rot, splinter, or shift. When piers fail, you get the idea—saggy, bouncy floors.

AT LRE Foundation Repair, we have a way to permanently solve your saggy, bouncy floor problem. Our affordable solution is the installation of SmartJack® crawl space stabilizer posts beneath the main support beam of your crawl space. That SmartJack® crawl space stabilizer post sits on a precast concrete pad set on a base of compacted stone. The jack will not settle like masonry piers, nor will it deteriorate like a wood post. It will provide solid support for sagging and undersized beams, and it will restore stability to your crawl space.

Contact LRE Foundation Repair today. We can solve your saggy floor problem. We'll give you a free on-site crawl space inspection, which comes at no obligation, and includes professional consultation and a written cost quote. Call our Tampa-based crawl space repair contractors at (407) 564-1973 to schedule your free crawl space inspection.