Prevent a Flooding Basement with Backyard Drainage Solutions

If you’re dealing with standing water, the foundation of your home could be in danger! Fortunately, the Sarasota drainage contractors at LRE Foundation Repair are ready to help, providing gutter installation and repair services to Sarasota homeowners and homes in the surrounding area.

When poor grading, too many plants, and inadequate water diversion frequently cause water to pool around your home, serious foundation damage could be just around the corner. Investing in proper drainage systems is the best way to prevent flooded crawl spaces, basements, and damaged foundations. The Tampa-based yard drainage contractors at LRE Foundation Repair, offer a wide range of exterior drainage solutions and can help you find a system that solves your specific drainage problem - whether it’s a French drain, percolation trench, or simply better downspouts. 

For a free inspection on a yard drainage system, contact us today. As drainage contractors, we offer an on-site evaluation at no obligation in Tampa, Orlando, St. Petersburg and the surrounding areas.

Drainage Problems and Solutions

Why is My Yard Flooding?

With an ineffective drainage system, your yard may be prone to flooding. If you let standing water in your yard go unchecked for too long, it can cause damage to your landscaping as well as foundation damage. Here are some of the reasons why your yard may be flooding:

Poor Grading

With proper grading, water is diverted away from your home. Poor grading can lead to stagnant water.

Too Many Plants

Plants can lead to a beautiful yard, but they can also make it difficult for your yard to properly drain water.

Inadequate Water Diversion

Roofs need properly functioning drainage systems to divert rainwater away from the building’s foundation. Without these systems, water can collect around the foundation and cause foundation damage.

How to Drain Water Away From My House?

If you’re dealing with drainage issues or need gutter repair or installation, our Sarasota drainage contractors are here to help. We provide quality drainage solutions to help protect the integrity of your yard, landscaping, and your home’s foundation, including:

  • French drains - French drains utilize a buried, perforated pipe that disperses water over a large area.
  • Downspout drainage - These systems work to remove rainwater from your roof
  • Trench drain - These drains are installed to prevent water from entering your home through doorways.
  • Catch basin - These basins are installed in areas prone to standing water.
  • Percolation trench - This shallow, excavated trench contains crushed stone and gravel and helps control stormwater runoff and prevent erosion and flooding issues.

Get a free inspection on a yard drainage system

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