The sinkhole repair process can be a long one. It can be a year or more from the time a homeowner files an insurance claim to the time the sinkhole and cosmetic damages are repaired. Most homeowners can‟t wait for it to be over.

But Beverly and Richard Draugelis of Spring Hill were so impressed with the repairs performed by LRE that they took time to spread the word about LRE‟s work through-out their community.

“After trying to put a message in the local newspaper about how glad we were to choose LRE as a sinkhole repair company, we were not able to because they said that our „thanks‟ was too much of an endorsement,” the couple wrote in a letter to LRE

Richard and Beverly continued to rave about LRE‟s work.

“Our sincere thanks are being sent to you for a great job. From the laborers, office personnel, to project supervisors, we can‟t praise you enough. Every single worker was polite and a joy to be having our home repaired. We would recommend you to anyone.”

The couple was so pleased that they also hired LRE for their restoration repairs.

“Why stop at a good thing? We truly are at a loss for words to express our appre-ciation. Keep up the good work. You are the best.”